OMT Biella - Textile Machinery



Notwithstanding the fact that the company has not forgotten its origins in the textile industry, the beginning of the new millennium coincided with the company’s decision to diversify its production inside OMT Biella Srl.

In the new and larger premises in Cerreto Castello, the company's technical team is able to give greater attention and more space to the new range of products earmarked for goods handling.

The success of OMT Biella's products is to be found in the creativity of its designers - who are always attentive to the innovations in industrial transport – the company’s management, oriented towards the new technologies, which allow for better design, and in the interaction between the various departments guaranteeing greater trust in the company and its products.

All these factors have enabled OMT Biella to establish itself in the field of industrial automation to the extent that today its production is directed at plant engineers, (in the collaboration required to construct complex internal handling systems) as well as at end-users, fulfilling a role of transport solution providers.

The range of products offered by OMT Biella Srl is subdivided into four groups:

  • Handling systems
  • Handling installations
  • Pneumatic transport systems
  • Special machines