OMT Biella - Textile Machinery


The marked entrepreneurial intuition that brought the company's management to diversify its production supports a managerial philosophy that is increasingly more widespread in the Biellese.

In fact still today the district is associated with top-quality fabric and yarns that made it famous throughout the world during the previous century; notwithstanding the region’s fame there are nonetheless certain policies aimed at communicating all the opportunities, (not only tied to the world of wool) that the district has to offer.

Hand in hand with traditional historical and artistic attractions one can explore industrial archaeological sites, which bear witness to the region’s deeply-rooted textile tradition.

In addition, there are many nature reserves situated at the gateway to Biella, each with characteristics that differentiate the city from the surrounding territories: the Special Nature Reserve of the Burcina, with its exotic botanical species; the Special Nature Reserve of the Bessa, an open-cast gold mine of Roman origin; the Baragge Nature Reserve, with its landscape that resembles the African savannah; the Protected Area of the Oasis Zegna, where travelling on well-marked routes, the visitor becomes immersed in the Alpine landscape.

Finally, the visitor should not miss shopping at the more than 50 outlets of the main designer labels of the Biella region.

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